Sar Dard Ki Dua in Quran (Remove Head Pain in 1 Minute)

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Are you feeling pain in your head, and that is why you are looking for sar dard ki dua? Is your family member always feeling pain in their head, and after taking medicine, you still face head pain, and now you are looking for the most powerful and 100% working sir dard ki dua? If yes, then you have come to the right article because here we will provide you with the best and most powerful sir dard ki dua in Quran.

It is a common disease in the lives of human beings, and it gives you great pain that is only in the head area. Not eating and drinking at the proper times is the cause of this disease, which makes it more severe. If humans do not eat or sleep at the right time, then that person becomes a victim of big diseases, and it has a big impact on our lives.

There are huge benefits to eating food or getting enough sleep at the right time, which will improve your health and reduce your chances of getting sick. If you also have a headache, then don’t be sad, our brothers and sisters, because here we will provide you with the sar dard ki dua in English. After reciting that powerful sar dard ki dua in Quran, Inshallah, Almighty Allah will remove your headache problem from your life.

sar dard ki dua ubqari

Most Powerful Sar Dard Ki Dua

If someone is having a headache and his headache is not healing, then there is no need to bother that person. Because here, we will provide you with the best and most working सिर दर्द का मंत्र or dua. Dua is the only weapon to solve every problem; without dua, you cannot get anything in your life, and Allah is angry with you for not praying Salah. Humans must deal with the problem of headaches, which is a common one in life.

If you want to avoid having this headache, then you must read our article. You have come to the right place because here we will provide you with the best and most working adhe sar dard ki dua. If you recite that dua, then, In Sha Allah, as soon as possible, you will get rid of that pain permanently. Sir dard ki dua in English is taken from the holy book Quran and it will help you.

Here is the सिर दर्द के लिए दुआ

Laa Yusadda Una Anhaa Waa Laa Yunnzifoonaa

Brothers and sisters, if you are facing any type of problem in your life, then contact Molvi Sahab now. In Sha Allah, with the help of the Almighty Allah, he will help you.

Dua for headache

Here is a traditional Islamic dua for relief from headaches:

“In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate. O Allah, I seek Your help for this headache (or the pain in my head) that I am experiencing. O Allah, I believe in Your power to heal and I trust in Your mercy. Please grant me relief from this pain, O Most Compassionate and Most Merciful of those who show mercy. Ameen”

It’s important to note that this is a traditional Islamic chakkar aane ki dua, and it is recommended that you seek guidance from a religious leader or imam if you are not familiar with the context or meaning of this dua. Additionally, if the headache lasts for a long time or results from an underlying medical condition, you should see a doctor.

Sar mein dard ki dua

Here is the Arabic text for a dua (supplication) to relieve a headache or head pain:

أعوذ بالله من الكفر والفقر وأعوذ بالله من عذاب القبر وأعوذ بالله من عذاب النار وأعوذ بالله من الهم والحزن والعجز والكسل والبخل والجبن وضلع الدين وغلبة الرجال

Transliteration: A’oodhu billahi minal-kufri wal-faqri wa-a’oodhu billahi min ‘adhabil-qabri wa-a’oodhu billahi min ‘adhabin-nari wa-a’oodhu billahi minal-hammi wal-huzni wal-‘ajzi wal-kasli wal-bakhli wal-jabni wa-dala’id-dayni wa-ghalabatir-rijal.

Translation: “I seek refuge in Allah from disbelief and poverty, and I seek refuge in Allah from the punishment of the grave, and I seek refuge in Allah from the punishment of Hellfire, and I seek refuge in Allah from stress, sadness, weakness, laziness, stinginess, cowardice, the oppression of debts, and the domination of men.”

It is best to say this dua or any other dua with sincerity and humility, asking Allah for help and hiding in His protection and mercy. Along with duas, it is also recommended to seek medical treatment for health problems and maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent or reduce the frequency of headaches.

Sar me dard ki dua

The dua (supplication) for relief from a headache or any kind of pain is:

“La ba’sa tahurun inshaAllah”

Translation: “There is no harm; it is a purification if Allah wills.”

It is also recommended to recite Surah Al-Fatihah and blow over the area of pain or to recite Surah Al-Falaq and Surah An-Nas and blow over the area of pain. Additionally, seeking medical treatment is also important if the pain persists.

FAQs about Sar Dard Ki Dua

Q: What is a sar dard ki dua in Roman English?

Ans: A dua is a supplication or prayer in Islam. In Arabic, a sar dard ki dua is a specific prayer or invocation asking for relief from headache pain.

Q: How do I perform a sir dard ki dua in Hindi?

Ans: To perform a dua for headaches, one should first ensure they are in a state of ritual purity and have performed the necessary ablutions. Then, one should recite the specific sir mai dard ki dua, which can be found in various Islamic texts or online resources. It is recommended to recite the sar dard kam hone ki dua in English, but translations in other languages can also be used.

Q: Is there a specific time or place to perform a sir ke dard ki dua?

Ans: There is no specific time or place required to perform a sar dard ki dua in Hindi. Dua can be made at any time and in any place as long as one is in a state of ritual purity and has performed the necessary ablutions.

Q: Can anyone perform a sir dard ki dua in hadees or is it only for Muslims?

Ans: Anyone can perform a sar ke dard ki dua, as it is a form of supplication and not limited to Muslims.

Q: Are there any other remedies or treatments that can be used in conjunction with a sir me dard ki dua?

Ans: Yes, many other remedies and treatments can be used in conjunction with a sir ma dard ki dua. These include over-the-counter or prescription medications, rest, and relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation. It is always best to consult with a doctor or healthcare professional for proper diagnosis and treatment of headaches.


So, brothers and sisters, today in this article, I have provided you with complete information about the Sar Dard Ki Dua, Sar Dard Ka Dam, and Headache Dua. I hope you like this article, so share it with others.

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