Wazu ki Dua | Wazu ke Baad ki Dua in English, Arabic, Urdu

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Wazu ki Dua English: Are you looking for the most powerful and 100% working wazu ke baad ki dua? If yes, then you have come across the right article because here we will provide you with the wuzu ke baad ki dua with Urdu translation. In Islam, prayer and the Quran have a special place, and when prayer is forbidden before going to the Namaz, you must do a perfect wudu.

If you waju well, then Allah is very happy, which brings blessings into your life, and you are very close to Allah. After that, you can also pray for Salah, but without wudu, you can’t open the Quran and perform Salah. So, brothers and sisters, wudu is very important before praying a salah or reading the beautiful Quran.

If you also want to remember your prayers after prayer and in time, then you will let us know this. And when you make the wuzu, then after that it becomes the work of dua; without reading the dua, the wudu is not made, and you cannot even offer your prayers. So, it is an important thing in your life so that you remain clear, and you can also offer Namaz and the Quran.

Wazu ki Dua
wazu se pehle ki dua

100% Wokring Wazu ki Dua

Wudu is a traditional way of cleaning Muslims physically, spiritually, and mentally before Islam’s most important pillar of worship, Namaz, which follows the declaration of one’s conversion to Islam. Salat cannot be offered without performing Wudu and Tayammum (dry ablution in clay vessels).

Steps to Perform wazu karne ki dua

  1. Make sure that the water reaches the fingers and thumb too. Wash both hands until the wrists are clean three times.
  2. You should keep rinsing your mouth three times by taking water from your palm and putting it in your mouth. Make sure no food remains in your mouth after these three rinses.
  3. If necessary, use your left hand to help blow it out. Take water in your right hand and inhale it gently into your nose three times.
  4. Wash your face properly three times, starting with your forehead and moving down to your chin. You can also recite wazu ki dua pdf at that time, which is a second Kalma or Kalma shihadat.
  5. After washing your right hand and elbow three times, you should wash your left hand like this: Make sure no part of the arm is left dry.
  6. You should only wipe your forehead and the back of your neck once with wet hands; do it only once with both hands.
  7. Wash your ears using your index fingers and thumbs from the bottom upwards, wiping the grooves and holes with water each time. Dry your ears afterward.
  8. Using your pinky finger, gently shave both feet to the ankle three times, using warm water and a washcloth between the toes. Once you have finished, apply soap to your skin and wash it three more times.

Here is wuzu ki dua:

wuzu ki dua
wazu ke pehle ki dua

If you are one of them who wants to know Wazu ki Dua in English translation, then “Allah is the only deity; He is One; He is without equal, and (Hadrat) Muhammad is His prophet and (true) servant, so I bear witness that there is no God but Allah alone.”

Brothers or sisters, if you need wazu ki dua in Hindi, then simply comment below. And as soon as possible, we will add that dua in Hindi. There are lots of people who want to know wazu ki dua in english which means washroom or toilet.

But if you are one of those who want to know wazu ke baad ki dua in Roman English, then its tarjuma’s meaning is the same that we have shown you above, so recite wazu in English or Urdu in the right way.

Wazu ka tarika

The method of performing wudu (ablution) is as follows:

  1. Begin by making the intention in your heart to perform wudu for purification.
  2. Say “Bismillah” (in the name of Allah) before starting.
  3. Wash your hands up to the wrists three times.
  4. Rinse your mouth three times, using your right hand.
  5. Clean your nostrils three times, using your right hand.
  6. Wash your face three times, from the hairline to the chin and from ear to ear.
  7. Wash your arms up to the elbows, starting with the right arm, three times.
  8. Wipe your head once, using wet fingers from both hands, starting from the forehead to the nape of the neck and back to the forehead.
  9. Wash your feet up to the ankles, starting with the right foot, three times.
  10. Say the shahada (declaration of faith) after completing wudu.

It is important to ensure that each body part is washed thoroughly and that no part is left dry or unwashed.

Wazo ki dua

“Wuzu ki dua” is a supplication that is recited before performing the Islamic ritual of Wudu, which is the washing of certain body parts before prayer.

The English translation of the dua is “Dua for Wudu.” It goes like this:

“In the name of Allah, I purify myself. I seek forgiveness from Allah, The Most High. And I turn to Him in repentance.”

This is a simple dua that is recited before the act of Wudu. It is a reminder to purify oneself and seek forgiveness from Allah. It’s important to note that this is one version of the supplication, and there may be other variations.

Wazu ki dua in Arabic

Here is the Arabic text of the dua, or prayer, that is said during wudu, a ritual cleansing that Muslims do before prayer:

اللهم أطهرني من الخطايا والذنوب وأغسلني بالماء والثلج والبرد

Transliteration: Allahumma attahirnee minal-khataya wa-althannob wa-aghsilnee bial-ma’i wa-thalji wa-albarad.

“Oh Allah, cleanse me of my sins and mistakes, and wash me with water, snow, and ice.”

It’s important to note that this dua is just one of many that can be recited during wudu and that there is no specific set of duas that must be recited. The most important thing is to do wudu to purify yourself with a heart full of humility and submission to Allah.

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