Khana Khane ki Dua | Khana Khane ke Baad ki Dua in Quran

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Are you the one who is looking for khana khane ki dua as well as khana khane ke baad ki dua?

If yes, then you have come to the right place, because here in this post we are going to provide you with that khana khane ki baat ki dua that you are looking for.

In Islam, there are tons of duas available, like sar dard ki dua, wazu ki dua, etc.

But still, there are also lots of people who don’t know all those duas, and maybe we are also one of them.

And if you are curious to know about all those duas and if you will perform those powerful duas in your life, then there are lots of rewards for yourself.

Khana Khane ke Baad ki Dua in Quran
khana khane se pehle ki dua

The Almighty Allah said in the Holy Quran that if anyone starts performing the Sunnah or if someone is leaving his or her life according to the Sunnah, then there is a reward of 100 Shaheed.

So if you want to know khana khane ke bad ki dua, then it also comes under the Sunnah.

Now, stay here and read the complete post in detail to know everything about khane ki bad ki dua.

Khana Khane ke Baad ki Dua

When we do the work every day in our lives and follow the Sunnah method, it is very useful as a means of survival.

This khana khane ki bad ki dua is very simple, easy to learn, and easy to keep in your mind.

When you learn these kinds of dua and follow the sunnah, then Almighty Allah will definitely be happy, and he will please you.

So if you think the almighty Allah will help you, he will provide everything to you in this Dunya.

Then you have to do all those things that our Almighty Allah recommends to us and that the prophet Muhammad Salah Ali wasallam told us.

Khana Khane ke Baad ki Dua in English

Before knowing that dua, you have to know the Sunnah of food first.

  • When you start eating, first you wash your hands, then you recite Bismillah.
  • Always eat food with your family, not alone.
  • Eat the first three niwala or lukma of food with your three fingers.
  • One Hadees-e-Mubarika said if someone does not recite Bismillah while eating the food, then Shaitan will come and piss on it.

Here is the khana khane ki dua in English, and you have to recite it while going to start eating the food:

Bismillahi Wa Alaa Baraakaatillaa

Note: Don’t forget to recite this dua, because if you do, then Shaitan will join you.

If you want to know khana khane ki dua in Hindi, then here is this dua:

बिस्मिल्लाह ही वा आला बाराका तिल्ला

If you want to watch the video of Khana khany k bad k dua, then here is the YouTube video. Watch the full video.

Khana khany k bad ki dua

Here is a commonly recited khana ke baad ki dua (prayer) after eating in Islam:

“الحمد لله الذي أطعمنا وسقانا وجعلنا من المسلمين”

Translation: “All praise is due to Allah, who has given us food and drink and made us Muslims.”

This dua expresses gratitude to Allah for the blessings of food and drink and acknowledges that these blessings are a result of Allah’s mercy and grace. It is recommended to recite this dua after every meal as a way of showing appreciation for Allah’s bounties and reminding oneself of the importance of gratitude in one’s life.

In addition to saying this dua, it’s important to eat in moderation and pay attention to where your food comes from, since it’s important in Islam to eat from clean and legal sources. By following these rules, you can develop a thankful and good relationship with food and Allah.

Khana khane k bad ki dua

The dua (supplication) to be said after eating food is:

“Alhamdulillahil-ladhi at’amana wa saqana wa ja’alana muslimin”

Translation: “All praise is due to Allah, who has given us food and drink and made us Muslims.”


Q: खाना खाने से पहले क्या पढ़ना चाहिए?

Ans: Bismillahi Wa Ala Barakatillah.

Q: What is the dua to recite after eating?

Ans: The dua to recite after eating is “Alhamdulillahilladhi at’amana wa saqana wa ja’alana minal-muslimeen” which means “All praise is due to Allah who has fed us, provided for us, and made us Muslims.”

Q: Can I recite this dua in any language?

Ans: The dua should ideally be recited in Arabic, as it is the language of the Quran and is considered to be more meaningful and impactful when recited in its original form.

Q: Is it mandatory to recite this dua after eating?

Ans: Reciting this dua after eating is a sunnah, which means it is a recommended act but not mandatory.

Q: Is it necessary to recite this dua after every meal?

Ans: It is recommended to recite this dua after every meal as a way of showing gratitude to Allah for the blessings we have received.

Final Words

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In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah will help us and give us rewards in this Duniya as well as in Akhirah.

You can also make a dua for me and my team. Aameen.

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