About Us

Welcome to www.muslimduawazifa.com, founded on March 19, 2019, in Gangyal, Jammu and Kashmir, India.

We are a group of individuals who are continuously working on this site to make it better for all visitors of muslimduawazifa. Our main aim is to help others by providing dua, wazifa, health remedies, taweez, etc.

We also have strong backing from Maulana Ji, who provides us with “What to Write?” How do I write? And why write? All content should be published in his image. He is a very experienced Maulana Ji who has various specialties like black magic removal, the best astrologer, etc. We work with him, and we want to help every individual with the help of Allah.

On this site, we provide content mainly in English, Urdu, Arabic, and Hindi. It will be understood by all the people living in this world. We are also available to help you on call, via WhatsApp, etc., and our site is also available 24/7. So, come to our website on a daily basis, and In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah will help you.

Mission of MuslimDuaWazifa

Our main aim is to help everyone who is facing any type of problem in their life. We mainly provide dua for husband-and-wife problems, Muslim totke for lost love back, and various others. If you want to solve any of your issues with the help of Wazifa, Then we can also provide various types of wazifa like wazifa to convince someone for marriage, wazifa for marriage, wazifa for rizq halal, etc.

Taweez is also playing an important role if you think someone has done black magic on you. It will also help you if you are experiencing any pain in your body. On muslimduawazifa, we also provide various types of taweez like the most powerful taweez for lost love, working taweez to get get rid of the disease, etc.

Health remedies are also the first priority of every human being. We are human beings, and we want to know every tip and trick, on how to take care of ourselves. We also have a category on muslimduawazifa where we show various types of health remedies such as dua for coronavirus, wazifa for beauty, the best prayer for healing protection, dua for parent’s happiness, wazifa for diabetes, and many more. So, have a look at that also.