Subah ki Dua | Sokar Uthne ki Dua from Quran (100% Real)

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Subah ki Dua: I wish you all the best in achieving a good morning routine that will help you achieve your goals. Many of us have difficulty getting up in time to pray the Fajr Salah. It may be difficult to wake up for Fajr in the morning for people who sleep late. With each new generation, new hope, new aims, and new opportunities are opened up to compensate for losses from the past and prepare for the future.

Having a good morning routine that helps you set a goal for the day sets the tone and attitude for the whole day. By doing so, you are in a better position to achieve what you are focusing on. Some people want a snooze button when they don’t want to get up and pray or go to work, even if they sleep early.

Subah ki Dua
soke uthne ki dua

In the face of divine will, a human being is powerless. But he or she should invoke the Supreme Being by invoking the first principle, i.e., as they begin their day, they give thanks to Allah Almighty. You will be a happier person if you grasp this simple philosophy. In Islam, every salah has significance, but the Fajr salah is especially important.

So, reading Subah Hi Dua will help you avoid regrets in the future and give you the chance to live a life with meaning. You’re likely to continue succeeding if you start with success. As a result, it snowballs. Perhaps the Subha uthne ki dua can be used to combat the missing Fajr? Shaytaan might be responsible for our reluctance to wake up, right? People commonly shirk or postpone their responsibilities until the end of the day. So, read Subah bakhair Dua and make it a habit.

Subah ki Dua in Hindi and Urdu

When you pray Fajr in the morning, you can feel more positive about yourself. In one hadith that Abu Hurairah related, the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said:

Each of you goes to sleep with three knots tied behind your neck, and the devil taps every knot with the words, “You have the night ahead of you, so sleep.” Then, if one wakes up and mentions Allah, the knot will be undone. Performing ablution or wazu will loosen two knots, and praying will loosen all knots. He will be in good spirits and active the next day. “If not, we’ll wake up sluggish and in bad spirits.”

Fajr is an easy task to complete, so when you miss it, you accept your failure. Having trouble accomplishing even the smallest tasks can make it difficult to accomplish larger ones; how can you be trusted to complete them? You can be proud of yourself for finishing the Fajr prayer after reciting the subah ke waqt ki dua. We keep moving forward toward subah shaam padhne ki dua.

The Hadith mentions a wide range of benefits associated with Fajr prayer. “Angels come to you by night and by day in succession, and they all get together during the Asr and Fajr prayers,” said Muhammad (ﷺ). It concludes the significance of chanting any dua based on their requirements.

Here are Subah uthne ki dua:

There are several so ke uthne ki dua or supplications, that can be made upon waking up in the morning in Islamic tradition. Here are a few examples:

If you want to know Subha ki Dua in Arabic, then recite it when you wake up.

‏الحمد لله الذي أحيانا بعد ما أماتنا وإليه النشور

But if you want to recite subah hone ki dua, then you can also perform the above dua. Here is the subah ki dua hindi mein, or we can say subah uthne ki dua in Hindi:

Alhamdu lillahilladhi ahyana ba’daa maa amaatna waa ilaihin-nushoor

Subhanaka Allahumma wa bihamdika, wa tabara kasmuka, wa ta’ala jadduka, wa la ilaha ghayruk

Also, contact our Mufti Sahab for any type of help, and with the help of this, you can solve all your problems in sha Allah. So, contact him now.

It is important to remember that making dua is a means of seeking closeness to God and seeking His guidance and help, but the ultimate decision and outcome are in Allah’s hands.

So kar uthne ki dua

Here is the Arabic text for a subah shaam ki dua (supplication) to recite upon waking up from sleep:

الحمد لله الذي أحيانا بعد ما أماتنا وإليه النشور

Transliteration: Alhamdu lillahi-lladhi ahyana ba’da ma amatana wa-ilaihi-nashoor.

Translation: “All praise is due to Allah, who has given us life after He took it from us, and to Him is the return.”

It’s recommended to recite this dua, or any other dua, with sincerity and humility, expressing gratitude to Allah for the blessing of life and seeking His guidance and protection throughout the day. Waking up with a positive attitude and a grateful heart can help set the tone for a productive and fulfilling day.

Subah uthne ki dua in Arabic

Here is the subah uthne ki dua in Arabic for the morning:

الحمد لله الذي أحيانا بعد ما أماتنا وإليه النشور

Transliteration: Alhamdulillahil-ladhi, ‘ahyana ba’da ma, ‘amatana wa’ilayhin-nushur

Translation: “All praise is due to Allah, who gave us life after having taken it from us, and to Him is the resurrection.”

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