Shohar k Liye Wazifa | Shohar ki Mohabbat ke Liye Dua

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There are lots of our sisters who want to know the shohar k liye wazifa or, as we can say, the shohar ki mohabbat ke liye dua. Then, our sweet sisters, your wait is now over because this is the only article that will help you with that wazifa. So, if you are also one of those who are facing problems with your husband, then we hope, In Sha Allah, this post will help you.

If you think that, your husband is not looking like the same man as before. And that’s why you both are facing lots of problems, and now you want to solve all those problems. Then, don’t take any type of tension because here in this post we will provide the powerful shohar ko apni taraf karne ka wazifa.

Here is the post of Shohar k Liye Wazifa or Shohar ki Mohabbat ke Liye Dua that helps to those wives who wants to solve the problems in between their husbands
Shohar k Liye Wazifa | Shohar ki Mohabbat ke Liye Dua

We will also provide you with a shohar ki mohabbat ke liye dua in English that will help solve all your problems between you and your husband. So, if you think the behavior of your husband is changing day by day, he is not interested in leaving his life with you, and every day he is going away from you. He is not interested in you, and he is not giving his time to you. If you don’t like the behavior of your husband, then shohar ko kabu karne ka Qurani wazifa will help you.

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Nafarman Shohar k Liye Wazifa for love

In the previous post, we provided the complete step-by-step procedure for shohar ko apna banane ka wazifa. There are also lots of wives who get benefits from that wazifa. But some ladies don’t get benefits from that wazifa. In that case, they talk with our Molvi Sahab, and then our Molvi Ji helps them all.

So, if you think your problem is also so big, then you can also take help from Molvi Sahab. But if you want to perform the Islamic wazifa, then you can also do that. And, in Sha Allah, you will benefit from that wazifa after its successful implementation. You will get the love of your husband, and you both will live happily.

But if you want to control your husband and change his behavior, then, at that time, you can also take help from the shohar ko kabu karne ki dua. We have already provided that dua in our post, so you can also read that post. We hope that the post will also help you and that you can control your husband in 3 days.

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Bewafa Shohar in Islam

Islam places great emphasis on the importance of maintaining good relationships between spouses and treating each other with kindness and respect. Therefore, the behavior of a “bewafa shohar” is considered unacceptable in Islam.

If a wife is facing difficulties in her marriage, as well as pregnancy problems, due to the behavior of her husband, she can take the following steps:

  1. Seek guidance from Allah (SWT): The first step a wife can take is to turn to Allah (SWT) and seek guidance and strength through prayer and recitation of Quranic verses. Allah (SWT) is the ultimate source of comfort and guidance, and through sincere prayer, a wife can find the strength to cope with difficult situations.
  2. Communicate with the husband: A wife should try to communicate with her husband in a calm and respectful manner and express her concerns about his behavior. She can also seek the help of a mediator, such as a family member or an imam, to help resolve any issues and restore harmony in the marriage.
  3. Seek counseling: If the husband’s behavior is causing significant emotional or mental distress, a wife can seek counseling from a qualified therapist or a religious counselor. This can help her cope with her feelings and develop healthy coping mechanisms.
  4. Practice patience and forgiveness: Islam places great emphasis on the importance of patience and forgiveness. If a wife is facing difficulties due to her husband’s behavior, she should strive to be patient and forgiving. She can also make dua for shohar to Allah (SWT) for guidance and strength to cope with the situation.

In conclusion, being a “bewafa shohar,” or disloyal husband, goes against the principles of Islam. If a wife is facing difficulties in her marriage due to her husband’s behavior, she can seek guidance from Allah (SWT), communicate with her husband, seek counseling, and practice patience and forgiveness. Through sincere effort and prayer, may Allah (SWT) bless all marriages with love, harmony, and peace.

Shohar ki Narazgi k liye Wazifa

Dua for Controlling Husband in the Quran will also help you if you do it the right way. But according to Islam, you don’t have to control anyone, but you can change their behavior. So, our sisters, we hope you will understand what we want to say. Here is the shohar ke liye dua, which you must say while praying any salah.

Faqala Inni Ahbabtu Hubbal Khairi Ann Zikri Rabbi Hatta Tawarat Bil Hijab


Here is the step-by-step procedure for that wazifa, and you also have to recite the above dua shohar ke liye while performing this wazifa.

  • Always be a good Muslim ummah.
  • Pray 5 times Salah in a day and don’t miss any type of Salah.
  • Recite Surah Yasin after the Fajr’s Salah.
  • Recite the above shohar ki mohabbat k liye wazifa while making a dua.
  • Always help needy people.
  • Keep us in your dua as well.

After that, in Sha Allah, you will see some of the changes in your husband. But if you do not see anything from this shohar ke liye wazifa, then at that time, you can also contact our Molvi Sahab on WhatsApp or via phone.

Shohar k liye dua

In Islamic tradition, there are several duas, or shohar ki mohabbat ka wazifa that can be made for the well-being and positive relationship with one’s spouse. Some examples include:

  1. “Rabbi Zidni Ilma” (My Lord, increase me in knowledge). This dua is believed to strengthen the relationship between husband and wife and bring them closer together.
  2. “Allahumma Barik Lahu Fi Aalami Wa Barik Lahu Fi Dunya Wa Barik Lahu Fi Deen” (O Allah, bless him in this world and the next and in his religion). This dua is believed to bring blessings and success in all aspects of life for the husband.
  3. “Rabbi Habli Minas Saliheen” (My Lord, grant me righteous offspring)
  4. Also, chant shohar k liye dua poetry.

It is important to remember that making a zalim shohar k liye wazifa is a means of seeking closeness to God and seeking His guidance and help, but the ultimate decision and outcome are in the hands of Allah.

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