Powerful Islamic Dua for Sleeping (Baby Sleep Dua)

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Dua for babies to sleep: Do you know that in Islam, there is also a powerful Islamic dua for sleeping babies or persons? Most people are unaware of this when it comes to going to sleep.

But if you are a Muslim and you don’t know the dua for sleeping time, then this is not a good thing. But don’t worry, guys; this article is only for you.

Everyone in this world gets some sleep at night, and sleeping at night is very important for every human being. The Almighty Allah has made the night for rest. There is also a dua when sleeping and if you recite that dua, Shaitans will not harm you.

If you sleep at night with the recitation of a dua for good sleep, then all your night comes under the safety of the angels (Farishtas). But before that, you also have to do wudu, and with the help of this, all your sleep comes under the reward of the Almighty Allah.

This article is all about the dua before sleeping and in Sha Allah, this article will also help you. You have to learn this dua and then recite it daily at night before going to sleep.

Islamic Dua for Sleeping
The most powerful Islamic Dua for sleeping, or Baby Sleeping Dua

Dua for Sleeping at Night

It doesn’t matter that you are a Muslim and you don’t recite this while going to sleep. Allah told us in the Quran that if someone comes to know the Iman or is going to make a good habit, then I will give him or her a reward of 100 shaheed or Mujahid if you want to make a habit of reciting the dua to sleep well.

Then it also comes under the category of a good habit, which helps you become a good human being in the eyes of Almighty Allah. Here are lots of dua for baby peaceful sleep in the holy book Quran, and if you choose one of them, then you will get the rewards.

You will not see the reward in this Duniya, but we are 100% sure that you will get the reward in the Akhira.

Because the Almighty Allah has given us the promise of that, and if you are looking for the dua for waking up from sleep, then here we are providing you with the two effective dua for sleeping in English.

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The procedure to recite the most effective dua for sleeping is to also perform the wazifa for good sleep:

  • When you go to sleep, first you have to take the Wudu, or ablution.
  • Then recite the 4 Kalma or 6 Kalma and Ayatul Kursi 3 times.
  • Recite everything you know about the Quran, or Surah, or the duas that you know.

Then recite the dua for sleeping:

Bismikaa Rabbii Waza’atuu Janbii Wa Bikaa Arfau’huu Faa Inn Amsakta Nafsii Farhamhaa Wa Inn Ar saltahaa Fah Fazhaa Bima Tahfazuu Bihi Ibadaka Asaaliheen

There is also another one duas before sleeping

Allahummaa Bismikaa Amutuu Wa Ah’hiyaa

The second baby sleep dua is the most beneficial, and I recommend you recite the second dua as compared to the first dua. Now, let us know the benefits of this dua, which are given below.

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Dua to make baby sleep peacefully

Here is a dua for baby sleep peacefully in Islam:

“Allahumma aslamtu nafsi ilaika wa wajjahtu wajhi ilaika wa fawwadtu amri ilaika wa aljahtu zahri ilaika, raghbatan wa rahbatan ilaika, la malja’a wa la manja minka illa ilaika. Allahumma amantu bikitabika-l-ladhi anzalta wa bina-biyika-l-ladhi arsalta”

Translation: “O Allah, I submit my soul to You, I turn my face towards You, I entrust my affairs to You, and I seek Your protection with hope and fear of You. There is no refuge and no protection from You except with You. O Allah, I believe in Your Book, which You revealed, and in Your Prophet, whom You sent.”

It is also important to note that good sleep hygiene practices such as creating a comfortable sleep environment, having a consistent bedtime routine, and avoiding stimulating activities before bedtime can also help the baby sleep peacefully.

Benefits of Dua for peaceful sleeping

Dua for baby to sleep

Here is a sleep dua (supplication) that some Muslims recite for their baby to go to sleep:

“Allahumma la sahla illa ma ja’altahu sahlan wa anta taj’alul hazna idha shi’ta sahlan”

Translation: “Oh Allah, there is nothing easy except what You make easy, and You make difficulties easy when You wish.”

Reciting this dua for sleeping difficulty before putting the baby to sleep can be helpful for parents who want their baby to sleep peacefully. However, it is important to note that every baby is different and may have different sleep patterns and habits. As a parent, it’s also important to make sure the baby has a good place to sleep and a regular bedtime routine.

Crying dua for baby to sleep at night

The crying dua for a baby to sleep at night is a beautiful prayer that parents can recite to comfort their little ones and help them drift off to sleep peacefully. The dua is as follows:

“Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim.

Oh Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate, please calm my baby’s tears and soothe his/her cries.

Grant him/her a peaceful and restful sleep, free from any discomfort or fear.

Bless him/her with good health and happiness, and protect him/her from all harm and evil.

Oh Allah, please be with my baby tonight and always, and guide him/her to the path of righteousness. Ameen.”

This dua can be recited softly while holding the baby or by gently stroking their head. It is a powerful way to connect with Allah and seek His blessings and protection for your child. It is also a reminder that Allah is always there to comfort and console us, especially during times of difficulty or distress. Reciting this dua with sincerity and faith can bring peace and tranquility to both the baby and the parent, InshaAllah.


Q. What DUA do you say before sleeping?

Ans. Allahummaa Bismikaa Amutuu Wa Ah’hiyaa.


So, my brothers and sisters, in this article, I told you which dua you have to recite while going to sleep. If you recite that dua, then, in Sha Allah, with the help of the Almighty Allah, you will take some rest and also get some rewards.

But if you have any questions or queries related to any problem, then you have to call our Maulana Ji, and he will provide some possible tips. In Sha Allah, you will also get benefits from those tips.

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