Best Islamic Dua for Anxiety and Depression in Islam

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Are you looking for the most popular and best Islamic dua for anxiety and other diseases? If you’re facing anxiety or other types of disease in your life and you want to remove that disease, then you’ve come to the right place.

Because here in this article, with the help of the Almighty Allah, we are going to provide you with the dua for anxiety in Islam. After reciting this dua, the brother and sister will get rid of the anxiety problem. After that, you will live your life happily with your family.

This Islamic anxiety door karne ki dua is the most powerful, as well as the strongest and best Islamic dua. Read our article from beginning to end to learn about the workings of this powerful dua.

Dua for anxiety
Dua for Anxiety

Dua for Anxiety and Sorrow

Sometimes in life, you feel some troubles in your life as well as in your family’s and relatives’ lives. Then, at that time, you get tension, and sometimes this tension leads to a serious disease named anxiety.

If you want to know complete information about anxiety, then find it on the web. But here in this post, we can only tell you what anxiety is. We will also provide you with the dua for anxiety Islamqa. Basically, it is the most dangerous disease in today’s era.

There are lots of people who have already benefited from this depression khatam karne ki dua. And that is why we are also going to provide you with that anxiety khatam karne ki dua along with the wazifa.

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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a mental health disease that comes when a person holds lots of tension and worry in their mind. So, if you are a person who takes on lots of tension and has worries in the mind, then it may lead you to a disease whose name is anxiety.

After taking so many medicines, you still have no relief, even with the help of the best Islamic dua for anxiety, so remove this dangerous disease permanently.

If you are facing any problems in your life, then just go and offer the namaz and read the Quran. You will see so many things in the holy book Quran, and hence, you will also find the solution to any kind of disease.

We are providing you with the most powerful, strongest, and best Islamic Dua for Anxiety in English.

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Dua for Anxiety and Grief

Here is the step-by-step procedure for depression khatam karne ka wazifa, and you have to perform that wazifa in the right way:

  • Here is the dua for other diseases.
  • You have to recite this dua for all kinds of diseases you are facing after offering all five Salahs in a day.
  • You can also not take any types of worries and tensions in your mind and put all worries on Allah.
  • When you feel any worries or tensions, put all your trust in the Almighty Allah.

You should also read the Darood Shareef before anxiety ki dua. Here is the dua:

“Allah Humma Inni Auzuu Bika Minalhammi Walhazani Wa Auzuu Bikaa Minal Ajzii Wal kasalii Wa Auzu Bikaa Minal Jubniii Wal
Bukhlii Wa Auzu Bikaa Minn Galabatii Addainii Waa Kahrii Arrijaalii”

After that, in Sha Allah, Almighty Allah will remove the anxiety disease from you.


Depression ki dua

Anxiety dur karne ki dua can provide comfort and peace to those experiencing depression, but they are not a substitute for professional medical treatment. Here is a dua for seeking relief from depression:

“Allahumma inni a’udhu bika minal hammi wal hazani, wa a’udhu bika minal `ajzi wal kasali, wa a’udhu bika minal jubni wal bukhli”

Translation: “Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from anxiety and sorrow; I seek refuge in You from weakness and incapacity; and I seek refuge in You from disgrace and poverty.”

Depression door karne ki dua

Here is a dua for anxiety and panic attacks that may be recited for this purpose:

“La ilaha illa anta, subhanaka, inni kuntu minaz-zalimin”

Translation: “There is no god but You; glory be to You; truly, I have been one of the wrongdoers.”

Muslims believe that reciting this dua with sincerity and faith can help relieve feelings of anxiety and depression and bring peace and calmness to the mind and heart. It is also important to remember that seeking professional help and support, such as through counseling or therapy, can be an important part of managing depression.

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So, my brothers and sisters, in this article, I told you everything about the dua for anxiety in English. I hope you enjoyed reading this article about dua for depression and anxiety. If yes, then please share it with othersand if you have faced any problems, then put your query in the comment section. I will reach you as soon as possible.

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