Powerful Dua & Wazifa for Love Back in 3 Days

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The wazifa for love back in 3 days is very similar to the dua for love back in 3 days. A person uses which types of methods to solve their love life. Getting into a fight in any type of relationship is extremely rare. Sometimes that fight should be normal, but sometimes that fight becomes a big fight, which is the wrong thing to do.

After that, a couple takes a crucial step, which is the breakup of the relationship. Most of the time, a couple has a lack of communication, doesn’t trust their partner, doesn’t love their partner, etc. This may lead to the breakup of a relationship, whether it is a husband-wife relationship or a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

If you think your relationship got broken due to the above reasons, then don’t worry, brothers and sisters. Don’t get tense or go into depression. You can solve all types of love problems with the help of the most powerful dua for love back. This dua is also known as the wazifa to get love back in 3 days.

After performing this wazifa along with the dua to get love back in 3 days in the right way, you will bring your partner back into your life in just 3 days. And it depends on you; if you perform it with a clean heart, then, Inshallah, you will get your love back as fast as possible. So, if you want to know that wazifa can get back lost love in 3 days, then read the complete article in detail.

Wazifa for love back in 3 days
wazifa for lost love back

Wazifa for Love Back in 3 days in Urdu

اگر آپ کسی سے پیار کرتے ہو۔ اور وہ اچانک ہی آپ کو چھوڑ کے چلا جائے۔ تو اس وقت آپ آپ اپنی زندگی کو کو جی تو تو لیتے ہو۔ لیکن جیسے جیسے وقت گزرتا ہے ہے ویسے ویسے آپ کو اس کی یاد آتی ہے۔ ہم نے ایسے بہت سارے اچھے عاشق معشوق دیکھے ہیں۔ جو کی ہمیشہ روتے رہتے ہیں آپ نے اپنے چاہنے والوں کو پانے کے لیے۔

کیونکہ زیادہ سے زیادہ آپ آپ اپنے چاہنے والے کے بنا ایک دن دن یا پھر ایک ہفتہ فتح یا پھر زیادہ سے زیادہ صبح ایک مہینہ رہ لو گے۔ لیکن آخر کار یار آپ کو اپنے چاہنے والے کی یاد ضرور آئے گی۔ اور آپ کو شاید آتی بھی ہوگی ابھی اور اپنے چاہنے والے کو پانے کے لئے بہت کچھ کیا بھی ہوگا۔

کافی کچھ کرنے کے بعد بھی آپ کا چاہنے والا آپ کے پاس نہیں آیا ہوگا۔ انہیں سب وسوسے سے سے آپ کا دل بہت برا رہا ہوگا۔ اور آپ اپنے چاہنے والے کو بہت زیادہ مس بھی کر رہے ہوں گے۔ دوستو اگر آپ کے ساتھ ایسا کچھ ہو رہا ہے تو تو بالکل بھی گھبرائیں مت ۔

آپ اس وقت وقت دعاؤں کے ساتھ ساتھ وظیفے کا بھی استعمال کر سکتے ہو۔ اس کی وجہ سے آپ اپنے چاہنے والے کو اپنی زندگی میں واپس لا سکتے ہو۔ دوستو تو اگر آپ وہ وظیفہ یا پھر دعا جانا چاہتے ہو تو نیچے ہم نے وہ آپ کو دی ہوئی ہے۔

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Wazifa to Get Love back soon

If anything bad happens in your love relationship, then you can solve all types of problems with the help of dua to get ex back. There are also various types of surah for love back, like dua e qunoot, Surah Yasin, Surah Ikhlaas, etc., that will help you get your love back in your life permanently.

In this article, our main aim is to provide you with an important and powerful wazifa for getting love back. You also have to follow such a wajifa with your kind heart. You don’t have to put anything wrong in your heart that will damage your relationship.


A broken heart can use it if they want to convince their ex to come back. Upon reciting this wazifa for ex love back with the right intentions and a transparent heart, you will soon begin to see results.

  • Be kind to others.
  • Don’t harm anyone.
  • Always love the younger and elders.
  • Make five Salahs in a day.
  • Perform this wazifa after praying for Fajar Salah.
  • Chant Darood Shareef 11 times and then recite Surah yaseen for love back at the end of Salah.
  • Now, chant again 11 times, Darood Shareef, and make a dua for your partner.

If you think you are not getting benefits within 3 days, then you have to perform this wazifa continuously for 21 days. Also, if you want results now, contact Molvi Ji; he will help you. And, inshallah, with the help of Allah, the Almighty. You will get your lover back in your life again, and you both will live happily, so contact our Mufti Sahab or Molvi Sahab now and speak to him.

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